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Broadening my horizons into CAM

Every once in awhile, you work with someone who encourages expanding your knowledge base and marketability. Sadly, most of my previous employers did just the opposite for fear of my going elsewhere to work, but yet didn't do much to create incentive for me to stay, either. Last year, an opportunity availed itself (timing IS everything). After less than three months, my boss started noticing what an aggressive, make-it-happen kind of professional I am, now understanding why I had so much experience in management, but was currently "settling" for a lesser position (which has only limited mobility potential). He started mentoring me about going into a field which I had some past experience but not credentials. He recommended, on a continual basis, I should steer in this new direction as the market was wide open and needing more licensed professionals. I finally realized this was again good timing and took his advice. Purchasing the self-study version of the licensing course, I took several weeks to absorb the material and then passed the state exam.

I proudly can now call myself a CAM - Community Association Manger - and am seeking to itegrate myself with a highly-reputable professional firm to make the next decade of my life one of the best...and boldly take my aggressive, make-it-happen style to where I've only been briefly before.

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