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              Rule #1: Always keep the "U" (you) in community!


A community association team is designed to ensure the community always looks its best and operates at peak efficiency so owners can proudly enjoy their lifestyle and feel secure their investment is protected. However, many HOA/COAs fall short. We can HELP YOUR COMMUNITY by offering the following professional services. NOTE: We do NOT offer actual association or property managing services - we can augment your existing contractual arrangement by providing ancillary services for process and operational improvement.


1) PERFORMANCE CONSULTING - Unhappy or having concerns with your management company? Not enough attentiveness to your community? Very few site visits or BOD interaction? CAM or Admin issues? Too much CAM turnover? All these issues can cripple a vibrant community. Your management company should be addressing these NOW, not later. All too often, minimal attention and lack of regular site visits will create rifts between the managing firm and the BOD. We use a proprietary assessment tool called OASIS to identify shortcomings, enhance poor processes, recommend solutions and even be a buffer between you and the managing company.


2) SOCIAL & ACTIVITIES ENHANCEMENT - Minimal social & community activity? Low esprit de corps? Stale environment? Ensuring a healthy heartbeat of a community is paramount to the success and desirability of any Association. Promoting events, social activities and regular interaction will bring a community together and create a place where people want to live...and stay! Strategies to combat resident dissention & distrust of the BOD or management. My wife and I have been famous for re-energizing the social atmosphere of where we live...and we can transmit that energy to YOUR community, too.


3) SECURITY and RISK / LOSS ASSESSMENTS - Issues with access control? Ineffective guard force? No on-site surveillance system, or is constantly down? Decades of managing security firms and working with community association security programs from Virginia to Florida allows for a knowledgeable evaluation of your security service agreement and overall security operations. This is paramount to efficient service, avoiding misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations and minimizing potential liability issues. Get the most for your security dollars.


Call me and let's see what great solutions are ahead!

Licensed Florida Community Association Manager  #CAM45411  

Certified Manager of Community Associations #15757

Licensed Florida Security Class D, G, W & D-Instructor

Licensed Florida General Consultants 

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