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Don't give away when you're away!

Vacations are great, we all need time away with friends & family...but when you're away - even for a day trip to Disney or the ballpark or the winery upstate you've been dying to try - resist the raging urge to post text or pics on social media while you are there. Why not? Because there are thousadns of criminals watching social media every day to see who's so happy about riding the coaster at Magic Mountain they're posting pics every few minutes...and telling these crimnals (and everyone else on social media) you are away from home. This makes your house an easy target! Sometimes these dastardly dogs are only minutes from your home and can clean out your place in only a few minutes. Nothing is much worse than coming home from a great time to a ransacked house, a lot less valuables and maybe even your beloved pets running loose from the doors left wide open. TIP: Wait until you are back home to post.

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