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A home in America is invaded about every 16 seconds. Today's criminals are smarter, technologically savvy and more brazen than ever - as evidenced by the trend in daytime burglaries and invasions. Protecting yourself from being anohter statistic is all about being proactive. 1) Make it diffucult for someone to break into your home. Inspect sliding doors & windows - install additional security pins or track clips to enhance locking/movement capabilties. Keep them locked/pinned unless using for ventilation - and pin them when finished! 2) Add high-security deadbolts and knob locks on all entry doors - with extended barrels, stronger materials, longer screws, floor bolts and jamb plates. Make it so darn difficult to force them open. 3) Use device timers & sensors to cycle both interior and exterior lights, as well as clock or table radios/stereo (for intermittent noise). Nothing irks a buglar like seeing lights and radios come on & off when not expected. 4) Close drapes & blinds wehen not at home - don't expose what you have inside or that you're not home to prying eyes. 5) Keep ALL doors locked, even on the lanai, porch & garage, when hopme or away. It may be more inconvenient, but make it so for "unwanted guests", too. 6) Install an alarm system, preferrably with video capability and remote home controls. Consider using the wireless/cellular option for equipment and transcievers - it's so easy to cut your outside phone lines and kill your protection, plus video will record the situation and identify the perperators. Have duress and/or instant alert codes programmed in your keypad in case you hear someone breaking in you can summon help instantly. 7) Keep shubbery trimmed away from windows & doors - minimize hiding places and concealable activity. 8) Turn your phone ringers and volume for anwering machines off hen not at home (and a cut-off switch for doorbells is also good) - it's easy to hear your phone ringing six times and then answered by the machine to give away your absence. 9) Don't advertise when you're on vacation or away for even a few days - put mail on hold and stop paper delivery. 10) Consider taking a self-defense course. Knowing what is legal and justified in case you encounter an intruder and take action will be worth the price of the course vs. posting bail and hiring a lawyer for unjustified use of force.

I do seminars on this and other subjects relating to personal and home safety - call ro email me to schedule one for your family, neighborhood, civic club or workplace!

Oh, and ensure your valuable belongings are identifiable - get a Dremil Tool to stencil/ incribe/emboss your social security number or house number on them. When criminals see ID marks, they know pawning or fencing them will be diufficult.

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